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Whether you’re building something from the ground up, or ready to kickstart your reach to the next level, we’ve got the tools–and the people power–to get you there.


Who We Are

Meet: Paula

Paula Weigel is a problem-solver. She’s an innovator. And as the vibrant, dynamic leader of Marketing Moves, she’s dedicated to leveraging her razor-sharp insights and decades of global marketing experience to help you get results.

“I can go into just about any environment and sniff out the marketing gaps and opportunities for growth. I love being able to find those creative ways to solve problems – it’s thrilling.”

After getting her start as a design and marketing temp at Helene Curtis (now Unilever), Paula has since built a rich and varied career that’s spanned start-ups, boutiques, mid-sized firms, Fortune 500, B2B, B2C, technology, mobile, SaaS, integrated marketing, design and marketing agencies, custom exhibits, and more. A versatile, agile leader who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, she’s spent time sitting in almost every seat around the marketing conference table: strategist, designer, writer, publicist, trade show rep, you name it.

Among her resume bullet points: she’s co-built an in-house creative agency for a Fortune 500 company. She’s rebranded boutique marketing firms. She’s created and built experiential branded environments (custom trade show exhibits). She’s sold creative and SaaS technology. She’s run sales for a mobile conference app company. She’s even built a health coaching program around weight and nutrition.

Honestly, it would almost be easier to tell you what kinds of things she hasn’t done.

She’s also been exactly where you are: a director, manager, or entrepreneur looking to bring in outside support you can trust.

“When we work together, I treat your business like it’s my business.”

Where many marketers work in a silo, Paula’s diverse history has given her a keen focus on sales, too–ensuring she always keeps her eye on your bottom line.

With experience ranging from industrial and craft coffee processing equipment to construction/landscaping equipment to personal care to legal marketing to nutrition coaching programs to tiny obscure tech startups, Paula is a true chameleon who can flourish in any setting. Whether filling in as an interim marketing director at a large traditional firm, or volunteering on the advisory board of VR/AR Chicago, Paula is never out of her element.

As a cancer survivor and devotee of functional nutrition, she’s especially passionate about serving clients in the health and wellness space.

“Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought I was a pretty healthy person. I exercised daily, was a runner, took supplements and ate generally “healthy” foods. But that diagnosis changed my life. I learned my so-called “healthy eating” had made me nutritionally bankrupt. And it wasn’t just the food choices that awakened me in that diagnosis–it was multiple factors that I believe contributed, from diet to lifestyle to environment to high stress. Now, having been fortunate to be able to turn things around, I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others, and supporting clients who share my commitment to building a healthier world.”

read more about Paula’s health journey here

Whatever the product, whatever the setting, you can be sure that when you bring Paula onto your team – you’re making the right move.

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